Mordecai Cargill


Mordecai Cargill is a co-founder and partner of the ThirdSpace Action Lab, a grassroots research, strategy & design cooperative, dedicated to prototyping creative place-based solutions to complex socioeconomic problems. Mordecai is a community + institutional organizer, committed to Activating Space + Activating People. His personal, professional + intellectual pursuits converge in an unwavering belief in the creative potential of everyday people.

Deborah Lewis

Deborah was born and raised in Hough, where her father was the first Black homeowner in the neighborhood. She is a founding board member of The BC Block Club, a group that is restoring Hough's legacy and reimagining its future, and President of St. Paul AME Zion Church Credit Union, a Black-owned financial institution founded in 1956.

Michael Robinson


Michael is a co-founder of Rust Belt Riders, an organization dedicated to transforming regional food systems through the creation of value-added products derived from locally squandered resources to build a circular economy that improves food security and combats climate change. When he's not making compost with the RBR crew Michael spends his time reading, fermenting foods, and taking early morning walks around the neighborhood.

Adam Drue King

Adam Drue King is a technologist and creative whose work focuses on digital access, equity, inclusion and innovation as means for community and economic development in northeastern Ohio and beyond.

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Indigo Bishop

Indigo is a social worker and facilitator from Cleveland Ohio, where she has been working in community development since 2008. Indigo teaches both nationally and locally; equipping practitioners across the country with innovative community building techniques. Today, Indigo works for the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority as their Choice Neighborhood Administrator where she manages strategic neighborhood investments.

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