23 May

Rust Belt Riders’ warehouse was full of energy and solidarity on May 4th as Cleveland Owns supporters from across the region gathered to celebrate 5 years of blossoming economic democracy. Many thanks to the friends and allies who joined the party - it was fun and restorative to feel the power of our community!  Check out more awesome photos here.  

And we hit our goal! 66 supporters have made contributions to Cleveland Owns; 38 were for monthly contributions. All in, we raised $1,156 in monthly donations, more than 15% above our goal. This is a wonderful milestone and a big win for our ability to keep doing this work. We are grateful to everyone who chipped in. 

 If you've not yet contributed, we'd welcome your monthly support of of $2, $5, or $50 at this link

One highlight was a speech from our comrade amaha sellassie of Co-op Dayton. You can check out his inspiring message at this link

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