Co-op Fund

Non-extractive financing for co-ops

The Cleveland Co-op Fund
The Cleveland Co-op Fund offers non-extractive loans to cooperative projects in the Cleveland area as a peer fund of the national Seed Commons network. In 2023 we made our first loans totaling $450,000 to Rust Belt Riders, a composting co-op with 14 worker-owners and $2 million in annual revenue.

What is Non-Extractive Financing?
Loans made through non-extractive financing have more favorable terms than those of traditional lenders: repayment is due only when the business is profitable, no personal collateral or credit scores are required, and interest is non-compounding. Unlike traditional financing, non-extractive financing is designed to never leave the borrower worse off.

This type of financing works because we build supportive relationships with our borrowers and become invested in their success. We provide technical assistance to prepare a loan application together and continue providing it all the way through each loan's full repayment in the following ways:

  • Business plan coaching
  • Setting up finance systems such as open-book accounting
  • Navigating governance and cultural questions in running a co-op
  • Marketing and light operational support

Through our network of peer funds and co-ops, we make sure borrowers get the resources they need at every step!

Interested in Non-Extractive Financing?
Are you raising money to fund a new worker or community-owned co-op, co-op housing project, co-op marketing or purchasing collective, or other cooperative endeavor?  Get in touch with us to explore how the Cleveland Co-op Fund could work for you at