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Building power through collective ownership


Cleveland Owns is a radical incubator that equips groups to build wealth and power through collective ownership.

We believe who owns what matters. To build an equitable city, we must have an equitable distribution of ownership.

In a Cleveland owned by its residents, everyone has a stake in businesses and commercial real estate and other productive assets. Groups of workers and neighbors prosper alongside the city, and have the power to exercise control over what affects them.

As more people own assets that appreciate in value, we'll shrink the ownership gap, which is inextricably tied to the racial and gender wealth gaps. This is one step towards addressing the historical and present-day effects of white supremacy, patriarchy, and an economic system built on exploitation and extraction.


What we do

What we do
We enable groups of workers and neighbors to turn what they have into what they need to demand their share of the region’s prosperity.

We work on food justice and a just transition to a clean energy economy.

We consult with a group of residents in the Central / Kinsman neighborhoods who are investigating if a food co-op could help meet the needs of their neighbors.

In the east side neighborhood of Hough, we're working with neighbors out to build the city's first community solar garden. In nearby Lakewood, we are incubating the Lakewood Community Solar Cooperative, a resident-owned coop that aims to make democratic investments in solar infrastructure, and lead Lakewood towards energy democracy.

How we work

We believe there are two sources of power: Organized people, and organized money. Cleveland Owns organizes people who want to organize their money.

We work with grassroots groups to deepen their capacity to organize and to develop businesses -- two practices essential for building community wealth and power.

We organize across race and class, and prioritize work with Black, Latinx, Indigenous and low-income people leading the fight for justice.

How we work


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