26 May

This weekend the Cleveland Solar Cooperative held its first official member meeting, approved bylaws and elected a board. We're thrilled to see this group take flight! 

The Cleveland Solar Cooperative, a project of Cleveland Owns, will promote a more democratic energy system through collective ownership of solar arrays. Member Owners will pool their resources to own solar arrays on the roof of a host. The host will see savings through net metering, and return some of those savings to the Cooperative, which will strive to offer its Member Owners a modest financial return. The chart below summarizes the business model.

The Cleveland Solar Cooperative will make it easier for more people to own solar panels. It will also be a place for community decision-making, a process just as important as any outcomes related to ownership. Along the way, the goal is for each person involved to develop skills as organizers and community leaders.

Cleveland Owns has spent a joyful year working with our neighbors to organize this project because we believe cooperative ownership -- and accountable organizations -- are essential for making a just transition to an economy that respects environmental limits and builds solidarity across class and across race. We're excited to keep you all updated as this project grows.

Our many thanks to the good folks at People Power Solar Cooperative, Cooperative Energy Futures, and Co-op Power, projects building new institutions of energy democracy in California, Minnesota, and Massachusetts. They've inspired and coached us along here in Cleveland. Thank you!

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