27 Apr

Last week we joined our allies at the Energy Democracy Project, a national formation of grassroots energy democracy groups, to present our ideas for federal policy related to energy democracy to Senator Merkley of Oregon and other members of Congress at a briefing.

You can find the recording of the Congressional Briefing here: https://youtu.be/1z_QwzGD9dA

Cleveland Owns participated in the group through REAMP, a midwest coalition of climate justice groups, and helped write the briefing packet, which you can download here: http://bit.ly/EnergyDemocracyPolicy2021 

The national momentum behind energy democracy is so cool. More and more, folks are realizing that business as usual, minus some carbon emissions, is not enough to heal our planet and our people. We must build community and public power to see the radical transformation that's necessary for real climate justice. We're honored to be part of a group that's pushing for those changes at the federal level!

Energy Democracy Project

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