05 Mar

We're pleased to join ConnectedNeo and Neighborhood Connections at Tech Night for a conversation about digital inequality, digital literacy, and civic engagement Tuesday, March 16 6 - 8 pm. 

We're definitely bringing a bias to this conversation: That concentrated, unaccountable ownership of broadband cables by Spectrum and AT&T have made digital access inequitable. It's keeping too many CMSD students from learning and too many residents from the internet they need to apply for benefits and jobs and to stay connected.

We're working to build a digital commons owned by Clevelanders that ensures high-speed free access to wireless internet as a 21st century human right for everyone, everywhere in the city, all the time. People in Detroit, New York, Barcelona and other cities around the world are building that future right now. Cleveland got next! 

Here's one great example from NYC: https://www.nycmesh.net/

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