04 Feb

We're launching the Cleveland Heights Community Solar Fellowship, a 6-week program focused on the economics and politics of community solar, as well as what it will take to build a coalition to bring community solar to Cleveland Heights. The first meeting is Sunday, February 16th. We also have an interest meeting Monday, February 10th.

We'll look at case studies from Minnesota and other states who have community solar programs, speak with local and national experts on community solar, and understand the way energy democracy plays out (or doesn't!) in Cleveland Heights.

The Fellowship is based on a similar 4-week program Cleveland Owns ran last summer in Lakewood. One participant said they "loved meeting folks who were interested in solar, and shared values around climate changes and choice of energy." The Cleveland Heights group will have a chance to join graduates of the Lakewood program who are building a solar cooperative (more on that coming soon!).

Email ashley@clevelandowns.coop by February 12th to apply!

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