06 Feb

Cleveland Owns is proud to be a founding member of PB CLE, a grassroots campaign to bring a People’s Budget (PB), or participatory budgeting, to Cleveland.

We're passionate about bringing PB to Cleveland because PB is the public-sector cousin of co-ops. It’s economic democracy with public money.

In January Mayor Bibb and 4 members of Council sponsored legislation to do just that. PB CLE showed up strong! Check out this video from our 75+ person action at City Hall on a cold, cold January night. 

Direct action gets the goods. The next week, the Council President, who opposes PB, put the legislation on the agenda of the Finance Committee for a vote.

There, four council co-sponsors – all women – spoke eloquently about why they want to see economic democracy in Cleveland through a People’s Budget. Every man at the table gave reasons why they did not. It was ugly. Here’s what local a muckraking journalist said about it: 

While the Finance Committee tabled the legislation without a vote, Councilmembers showed us what they believe in relation to the legislation. Our next step is to hold them accountable. We know from polling that 8 in 10 Clevelanders support PB. Why is Council standing in their way?

PB CLE is asking that question and more as we assess the power of our coalition and our options for bringing a People’s Budget to Cleveland. We will share those next steps with allies soon. The fight for economic democracy in Cleveland is really just beginning.

In the meantime, you can read much more about our campaign in the dozens of media pieces linked at PB CLE's website.

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