01 Jun

The pain and rage at Saturday's protest in Cleveland comes from the legacy of unaccountable police violence and economic marginalization of Black people and working class people. We need deep, systemic police reform. And we must uproot a capitalist economic system based on exploitation.

Cleveland Owns is proud to work with a group of organizers, residents, and institutions in the Central and Kinsman neighborhoods resisting the specific economic injustice of food apartheid. We're trying to plan a food cooperative in that area owned by residents and workers.

Please complete this 5-minute planning survey.

Your responses are a very important part of our process. This survey will help us understand what people in our community want. Once surveys are collected, our team will take the results, separate answers from your name and generate a report that reflects your interests and needs. If you want to work with our team or get updates, please leave your information. Our goal is 1000 responses this summer!

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